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Our philosophy is simple. Results-driven treatments at an affordable price. Everyone deserves to look & feel their best, and we are passionate about helping you get there.

Fusion Face & Body is dedicated to providing you with the most up to date treatments and ingredients. We customize all of our skin care & body treatments to your specific concerns and goals. This includes the latest in peel formulations and the latest gold microneedling with suction combined with radio frequency. We are passionate about offering, the latest in mesotherapy treatments, Microdermabrasion (hydro, diamond, ultrasonic), ultrasound, microcurrent, radio frequency and LED treatments. We continue to add new treatments as technology & ingredients change.

We are Now Offering completely customized homecare serums and creams utilizing two unique brands, Fusion Meso & Oxynergy. Just answer our questionnaire.

Our Products

Fusion Meso aesthetic medicine skin care.

Discover exclusive products delivering outstanding results. This line with its own clinical study unit. A wide range of professional solutions for creating customized treatments, tailored to the needs of each client. Specific protocols that include the prevention and preparation phases, the specific treatment steps, and the final follow-up and maintenance phases.

Exclusive products formulated that effectively target and improve specific skin conditions such as: skin aging, wrinkles, pigmentation, skin whitening, hair, skin firming, eye care, lipolysis and cellulite.

Oxynergy is personalized skin care.

The core active ingredient of the line included in each single product boost the kreb’s cycle and activate stem cells. It is based on a blend of amino acids & peptides obtained by gentle hydrolysis of soy proteins, essential minerals (Magnesium, copper, zinc and calcium) and intelligent organic anions biologiccal carriers of essential minerals (L-aspartate and gluconic acid). This bring to the cells intense vitality and energy to awake the skin metabolism.

The results are:

  • +45% of cellular respiration after only 50 minutes.
  • +25% of formation of pyruvate for supplying ATP production.
  • +34% of ATP production after 6 hours.
  • + 28% of ATP production after 24 hours.
  • +15% of protein production after 24 hours (activation of cellular metabolism).
  • +15% of DNA synthesis after 24 hours (activation of skin renewal).
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