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Beauty Supplements- Beauty from within

By Jennifer O’Connor, Owner Fusion Face & Body Spa, Fusion Luxe Spa locations in Denville, Parsippany and Verona NJ.

Nutricosmetics – the use of nutrition or nutritional supplements for skin health and beauty -is popular abroad and may be the next frontier for improving skin & beauty health in the US.  There are many reasons  behind the trend such as a growing interest in preventative care due to health care costs, and the health and wellness trend as well as those consumers looking for less invasive beauty treatments.

With more consumers aware of the link between their inner health and outer appearance, they’re beginning to seek solutions outside of the latest topical treatments. Many believe that topicals are great but to reverse or cure what’s creating problems you have to start from within.

Collagen is most the abundant protein in the body so starting with a collagen supplement is great. At Fusion Face & Body we recommend Yana Daily Collagen Shots by Image Skincare. Our clients love the taste & quick results.

Other top picks for supplements include:

Omega-3 or a Tumeric supplement which are great because they have anti-inflammatory properties.

Zinc is another anti-inflammatory especially for rosacea and acne. If you have a high sugar diet or high stress its important to take.

Keratin and Biotin are great for stronger hair, skin and nails.

Probiotics help with overall health, which translates to healthier skin. It’s also a good place to start when taking supplements.

Great Nutrition is also important. Here are some top tips but always speak with your physician before starting new supplements or making drastic diet changes.

Sugar accelerates aging! It’s inflammatory which can accelerate wrinkling and acne.

Wild salmon is packed with DEAE and astaxanthin. Astaxanthin is anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. Diethylaminoethanol (DEAE) is for tightening and toning. It helps boost neurotransmitter production, so it aids in both brain and beauty.

Green leafy veges and berries are other great antioxidants. Get high quality proteins. Incorporate nuts and seeds for healthy fats. Choose oils carefully. High heat cooking use avocado or coconut oil. Olive oil for low to medium heat cooking. For baking, use real butter, coconut oil or avocado oil. Stay away from canola, sunflower or safflower oil, which can be inflammatory.

Sweet potatoes and squash are reduce inflammation and are slow release carbs plus are low in sugar.

Bone broth, slow cooked at a low temperature for 18-24 hrs or purchased locally supplies collagen and heals the gut.

Fresh herbs, from basil to parsley, help detoxify the liver.

Try and avoid gluten, most grains and dairy if you are struggling with acne or rosacea.

You can also look into the elimination diet to help heal gut and skin issues.

Since there are so many options on the market, speak with your physician, wellness doctor, nutritionist or most beauty store & spa employees are also now trained on ingredients and can help better guide you.

This is a growing market so you can expect to see solutions for beauty supplements popping up in many beauty stores very soon.