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Beauty Talk

New to blogging, I want to discuss topics many of my clients ask me about daily in the treatment room. Topics I will cover weekly will include Skin care, make up, medical treatments, fashion on a budget and fitness. Having owned a spa and salon for over 14 years has given me insight and 1st hand experience with many products and skin concerns. Over the past 3 years I have expanded my knowledge into the world of fitness and I’d like to share those ups and downs as well.

Today we will start with my 1st passion…Skin Care! These are basics that I would like everyone to know and include in their daily products. It DOES NOT  have to be complicated or costly. I have worked with Image Skin Care for the past 13 years. We have always had amazing feedback from clients. It is one of our favorite product lines at Fusion. Follow the skin care diet plan and you will be on your way to amazing skin!