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Results & Relax

gold microneedling with Radio
Frequency Firming Treatment

Consultation Needed

Oxygeneo $125 or $150 with Radio Frequency
Firming Exfoliate Infuse Oxygenate

Choose from Brightening or Antiage/Revive Treatment. A great alternative to
microdermabrasion. A no suction exfoliation treatment that includes ultrasound for
optimal product penetration and LED treatment. Safe for sensitive skin.

10 Step Lift & Glow $150

A customized facial that includes microdermabrasion and ultrasonic exfoliation, customized chemical peel, cupping/extractions, microcurrent eye lift treatment, needle free mesotherapy for brightening & firming, radio frequency for tightening & firming, cold treatment to tighten pores and reduce puffiness, oxygen infusion hydration boost and LED treatment.

Fusion HydroGlow $125 or $150 with Radio Frequency Firming

Custom Hydrodermabrasion helps to exfoliate and hydrate simultaneously. Includes HydraBoost, ultrasound hydration, cold treatment to tighten pores and reduce puffiness plus radio frequency for skin tightening and firming.

DM Glow Oxygen Burst $125

Incorporates three essential elements into the holistic treatment.

1. Lymphatic massage to oxygenate & detoxify the skin.
2. Chemical & Mechanical Exfoliation to bring new cells to the surface.
3. Botanical skin care to add vitality & nourish skin.

Nano & Microneedling (consultation needed)

Nano & Micro Needling will help reduce the appearance of fine lines, improving skin
tone and texture, shrinking pore size, reducing pigmentation and acne scars and can be
done anywhere on the body.

Nano Infusion $125 or 3 for $300

A pain-free, no downtime treatment to brighten and help reduce fine lines.

BB Glow Facial $150

This treatment includes brightening infusion plus a 100% natural semi-permanent foundation that will help even out imperfections and discolorations, leaving your skin looking flawless.

Microneedling& Advanced Needling with select staff. Great for brightening, tightening and scars. Consult needed.

Series of 3-6 recommended 4 weeks apart.

BodyFirming & Tightening

We stay on top of the latest techniques and products and therefore as technology and ingredients change so do our body service offerings. Please call us for the latest services. In addition we offer different options to tighten and firm the body by combining many modalities and electrical currents. 30 – 60 min. $80+

BioSlimming Body Wrap 1 Area $100 | Add on Area $50 each

This bandage-free, non-compression body wrap will detox, slim, firm and tone your body — with results after the first treatment. (Formulated exclusively for professional spas.)

Cellulite Endermology 30 Min $95 | 60 Min $125

Combines massage and rollers with mild suction to achieve a variety of body shaping goals.

Radiofrequency with Microcurrent Firming 30 Min = $95 | 60 Min = $125

A heat based treatment to lesson cellulite and firm the muscles of the body.

Body Peels

Treat areas such as hands, arms, legs and chest. 30 min. $60+